Qurle provides managed accommodation services, managed share housing for students and work persons, on a short and long term basis. Managed accommodation allows students to concentrate on the task. For landlords and managing agents a share house can be a viable means of renting while a single point of responsibility is easy, without having to manage each person in a share house.

Managed accommodation services are a common practice not only for students but in many technical fields, in health care, computing, telecommunications, mining and even building and construction.

Long Term Housing...

This is an alternative to using a hotel chain as hotels are not a practical longer term solution for students studying a year or more.

Qurle accepts the Australian standard of 1 person per lockable private bedroom, and generally 3 to a house maximum depending on house layout.



Managing Agents

Qurle is a professional insured company, meeting industry standards and guidelines.

Qurle is a super tenant dealing with managing agents and owners direct. Qurle does not manage rental properties instead Qurle is the tenant. Qurle signs the contact and is the sole point of administration.

House Mates

Qurle has a human resource department to pre-scan and monitor individual house mates to determine if they will be and stay easy to manage and offer the best upstream options.

A prospective tenant must most importantly....

  • be clean, tidy and clean to a high standard
  • pay the rent on time every time

Qurle has a book keeping department to professionally manage all payments.