How To Use This Service uses specialized equipment to identify the composition and variant of metals.

Similar to an x-ray machine or a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine MRI but specially for use with metals.

This method does not use chemicals and does not damage the specimen in any way and the results are 100% accurate. There is currently no known way to fool the procedure.

The method passes through the material completely, analysing what is inside the material and not limited to the surface of the material. It will detect air pockets as well as internal metal structure.

This is done to verify that the precious metal claim of the material is accurate.

As precious metal prices continue to rise, it is worthwhile to have the item checked at the time of sale, before purchase for your own validation or before selling to promote your item.

If the item is fake, you can take refund actions or reconsider selling the item as a precious metal.

This service works with the way eBay and PayPal operate. They offer buyer protection and will manage a refund on the basis of an item description.

eBay has become a convenient online destination to obtain actual physical precious metals rather than trading certificates, this come with knowledge that buying gold or silver from eBay requires a precious metal verification service. It may save you anywhere from $50 to $500 and also raises the value of the item if you prove it is real gold or silver.

We recommend using eBay or PayPal to complete the transaction.

We are coin collectors and have priced with an interest so that every one can afford to use the service.

However, we do not sell coins, bars or jewellery, and we do not own the items on the, The make an offer to buy feature is referred to the owner of the item. The items listed here are to verify the item received is the same item verified by, if you have purchased an item with our verification details, compare the photos of the item on to that item received. The photos on are high resolution to allow for quick forensics to compare the individual nicks and dints and scratches, defect the identical on the item.

The service is modestly priced, to be sure, send us the item again for a second verification.

Over time, we expect to build an information database on various items that will be valuable to collectors everywhere.

If you have any question please contact us.

Thank you.